top girls – ‘i’ve got some doubts’

January 24, 2012

We recognize, as work becomes progress, not everything will survive. Speaker Snacks, the Denver-based blog with gold ears, saw the close of their digital/cassette label last week. With an unnamed project on the way, we remember the good times SSRecs gave us: releases from the likes of Pina Chulada, Galapagos, Pariah Carey and now Top Girls.

Top Girls – I’ve Got Some Doubts

Their final release fits the mood at hand. After Life is humbled by experience and wide-eyed toward the imminent. These introspective happenings are stylings by Evan Adams through his North Carolina-bred ethereal R&B project Top Girls. A purveyor of Evan’s prior releases, this five song EP is another crisp, clean stepping stone from the ambient variety we’ve become friends with over the passing months. Grab After Life and all other Speaker Snacks releases on their Bandcamp.

Top Girls :: Facebook / Bandcamp


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