goldroom – ‘angeles’

January 31, 2012

Since it’s been a cool 70 degrees in Florida lately, I figured we can start taking beach trips and hollering at pier girls early this year. With our designer wayfarers croakied and medicated sunblock at hand, let’s roll slow down the scenic route. Synthpop live-in and Nightwaves member Josh Legg from where else but Los Angeles put up some previously stream-only tracks for sale from his solo project Goldroom, let’s look at the aptly titled ‘Angeles’.

I’m pretty sure ‘Angeles’ is either the only song not about girls or it is and he’s talking about girls not from LA. Either way, aside from the lyrics feeling remarkably contrived, the instrumentation is pleasant and falls somewhere between a Miami Vice intro and the current wave of chilled French House. The claps of bongos – my mind says ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ but it’s not – and uplifting delay pickings are complimentary backings to the bassline and drum-sampled forefront. You can snag ‘Angeles’ for a buck or all four for $4 on Bandcamp.

Goldroom :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Dot Com


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