[under the rug] cloud cloud – ‘golden smile’ + ‘kindness’

February 3, 2012

Cloud Cloud comes from the internet-based collaborative effort of two people separated by the entire state of Illinois. As for each side’s set of responsibilities: Chicago-man Chris Stealy constructs the bare bones of each song with guitar, piano, vocals and sends his recordings across state to St. Louis’ Chris DiGiacomo who sculpts each track into slow-moving currents. The concept behind CC is based around the art of sleep, determined to persuade your senses by guiding you through clouds and dreams alike.

Each track has their own personality, but it’s the naturally drowned psychedelia throughout that alters your confidence in future failings and alludes to the honestly of days past – think a notably stripped down Blind Man’s Colour and visit Soundcloud for a trio of newness [from DiGiacoma’s Swirls & Boys] and a variety of month oldies.

Cloud Cloud :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter


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