hypno safari – ‘shade’

February 5, 2012

Logan Hyde is good friend and bassist for one of our favorite acts of 2011 Trevor Powers and Youth Lagoon; I imagine they’re enjoying themselves. Better yet, with the remastering of Logan’s solo project Hypno Safari, he brings a new, more abrasive side to niche these two pals grew out of. ‘Shade’ features the darkened soft melodies that turned us on to YL, but embraces a quick-tempered rock’n’roll interpretation of dream pop, providing a much-needed crutch for resenting the daily grind.

Hypno Safari – Shade

“Holding on to the last of the silence, moving on to the noise that will haunt us” – it starts slow and drops quiet into slight echoes of thought brief enough to leave empty minded as we begin to walk. The pace turns to a run and with nothing tangible in pursuit, we become drain-circling memories of lives we meant to abandon.

Hypno Safari :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Soundcloud

(via Crack in the Road)


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