flow child – ‘transit’

February 7, 2012

I had the opportunity to catch Montréal’s Flow Child in Chicago over the summer. The day came to a close as my beaten hamstrings entered the doors of Lincoln Hall. Grabbing a local brew, I made my way to through the surprisingly bare room and sat on the stage. Unaware of what I had sat in on, the sole man on stage – wearing the worn-in tall tee pictured above – was very literally flowing through a bag of dense samples and a field of knobs conducting a more than impressive sound from just one soul. His vocals were light, but prevalent. Tunes I’d later come to know like ‘The Tripster’ danced in my head for weeks, striking a different chord every listen.

Flow Child – Transit

Coming from a town label that celebrates individual brilliance and touring with the likes of influential Canadian super group guru Spencer Krug would have a positive effect on anyone. Now listening to ‘Transit’, we’re presented with a subtle tune for the slow-shuffling landscaper of present realities that begs for the time frame of a future release.

Flow Child :: Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr / Arbutus Records


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