[premiere] maximino – ‘less talk, more groove’

February 8, 2012

Last night consisted of throwing my car in park underneath the interstate and stumbling past the distant looking doorman at BarBQ Bar. Can’t say I’m a fan of overpriced drink specials, but I can say the sounds of Maximino are more than enough to bear any dint in my pockets. The performance was in typical Maximino fashion as Gerald’s creations loomed over the downtown crowd and lulling and exciting alike. But this set held a surprise.

‘Less Talk, More Groove’ is our first peek into the second part to the Not So Cold, Cave record we drooled over back in August. It starts low and builds with each ring of from a common concierge’s bell and like a jheri curled Pavlov’s Dog, every ding gifts another layer to a down right sexy groove. As soft hums reach out over looped percussion and eastern influences we’re lifted up, only to become natural in vocal frolic.

Maximino :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / Tumblr

This second chapter is titled Enter the Year of the Dragon and should be out before the summer.


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