first mates – ‘ginger’

February 14, 2012

In honor of the generally agreed upon services Hallmark provides for the world – hang in there guys! – we have a love story for y’all: boy meets girl, girl adopts manatee, boy and girl make music, enjoy themselves, and continue to make music. Who woulda thought it was that easy. The subject of their first creation is the creature itself; a manatee named ‘Ginger’ and a catchy lo-fi surf tune to go with it.

First Mates – Ginger

There’s nothing unusual about the sound of First Mates or the adoption of a manatee – which we here at Too Many Carpets highly endorse – but the connection of aquatic animals and youthful guitar rifts deserves a place in the world. Confirmed by the fingers of bandmates Cory and Erin, there will be more. Now, for some development!

First Mates :: Bandcamp / Twitter / Tumblr


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