hear hums – ‘critters canopy’

February 16, 2012

Hear Hums didn’t release anything last year and they still might be one of hardest working bands in the sunshine state. Thanks to the monthly efforts of an addiction support line run by their blood-pumping live set and the at-home comfort of their two prior releases on tape, my sanity remained stable. Luckily, it’s a new year, Opens is out and it’s good. Real good. Featuring the untitled gems from their fall performances and a half-dozen other midday experimentations, the Gainesville duo of Mitch and Kenzie have kept true to the natural warmth that weaved throughout the albums and shows of past, all while winding between cordial behavior and a South American cave party.

Hear Hums – Critters Canopy

Download Opens for free/donation or pre-order on CD through Akashic Records [run by Hear Hums] through Bandcamp + keep an eye out for the cassette release of Opens from Inner Islands.

Hear Hums :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Their Rad Blog

Catch the video for ‘Shrines’ below


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