gorgeous bully – ‘never cry’

February 20, 2012

Officially out today from the fine people at Art Is Hard Records, Plymouth, UK’s Gorgeous Bully have compiled another EP for the pop enthusiasts and lo-fi lovers. Stoutly titled The Young Obese, these five nameless souls are built on hooks, distortion, and easy-going melodies; at some points evoking comparisons to early recordings of The Fratellis and flows as smoothly as Toronto’s shoegazed Tearjerker at others.

Gorgeous Bully – Never Cry

The nifty cigarette pack-encased tapes are unfortunately out of stock [no word on a rerelease], but you can stream the rest of The Young Obese from Art Is Hard and pick up a digital copy for ₤4 UK / $6.33 US.

Gorgeous Bully :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter

[PS] ‘Stamp’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ were our top picks to show you, but AiH’s Bandcamp wouldn’t allow it :3


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