[covered] delusions – ‘apple pie & police state (choking victim cover)’

February 21, 2012

I finally got around to listening to a couple of songs Zen TapesMatt Giles put out late last year under his Delusions moniker. Aside from being a contributor of one of our favorite blogs, Matt is a man of experimentations. You can see it in the artist’s his writing features and you can feel it in the tunes his hands create. Last time he fancied TMCP with fellow Mich-man Peter Wiley under the name Dreampeter and their uber-mellow ‘Mason Jar’. Fast-forward – Matt’s solo-affair has found a spot inside experimental rockisms: Blood, Black // Leave, Qareen was written over the summer while living in Champaign, IL – drawing jagged lines between garage revival, odd-pop, and a style of story telling that I can’t seem to put a finger on but find incredibly raw and comforting. Better yet, download Blood, Black // Leave, Qareen on Bandcamp and find hidden track available within the .zip file.

Delusions – Apple Pie & Police State [Choking Vitcim Cover]

The original version, off Choking Victim‘s debut EP Crack Rock Steady, was a staple of the mid-90s New York punk-ska scene, and given the original nature of the song, the cover is remarkably peaceful step back to my days of downloading viruses on Limewire. Even with the stripped-down quality and melancholic musings, the song’s theme of  ‘broken promises and government whores’ is still present, as I’m once again left to ponder – ‘Ain’t it Great?’

Delusions :: Bandcamp / Twitter

Look out for Matt and Peter (possibly self-)releasing a split together under Boneglow / Matt explains, “[i]f I were to oversimplify it, my side will be best listened to inside as it rains and Petey’s will be sunshine.” – Sounds like the perfect afternoon split for anyone in Florida.


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