gremlins – ‘jonbenét’

February 27, 2012

Within the ever-spirited, always-exciting world of Do-It-Together, there’s a supergroup I can’t help but adore. The entity in adoration is Gremlins the combined perceptions of Katie Lee (Braids), Patrick Jeffords (Toro Y Moi, Kid Trails), Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid), and Mat Cothran (Coma Cinema, Elvis Depressedly). Similar in deposition, each member brings their personal style to the table; a table constructed by moist dreams.

Gremlins – JonBenét

In succession of their debut head-turner ‘Maim My Bitch’, the self-titled, self-released EP from the four person power hour comes through effortlessly and with astonishing grace. No track better exudes peace than ‘JonBenét’. A surfaced presence of uplifting snyths, casting a shadow, exhausted and intertwined with tastefully sick benevolence. In a concealed bellow, Mat Cothran utters “I wanna die like JonBenét” – the child beauty pageant participant murdered in the mid-90s – a beauty-in-horror testament to pass before innocence, a revelation hidden within the wicker walls of abridged efforts, a means of celebration as the present is more of an afterthought and the past was never there to begin with.

You can download the 5-track EP on Bandcamp for free.

Gremlins:: Bandcamp

Watch a video for ‘JonBenét’ by The Tearist after the jump.


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