gala drop – ‘broda’

February 28, 2012

Gala Drop came out off the metropolitan coastline of Lisboa, Portugal back in ’08 with a taste for tropical experimentations and – more specifically – a unique western-world forte in Jamaican dub. The sound was fresh and fell somewhere between the Yahweh of afro-pop Fela Kuti and the international musings of Dubtronica. However, outside of a four-track EP Overcoat Heat, Gala Drop has remained quiet since. Enter ‘Broda’.

Our first look into their new collaboration with psych-rocker Ben Chasny, best known for his extensive work under Six Organs of Admittance, does right to meet and exceed any initial expectations. Full in body, the two entities’ quick bustle engulfs time and enhances reality over the better side of seven minutes. I’m not sure how these two projects found a liking to one another, but the style created is as melodically malleable as it is a dense labyrinth; a complex combination that demands no hesitation to fully appreciate.

Gala Drop :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Gala Drop Records

The untitled collaboration is set of drop March 30th from Gala Drop Records.


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