best friends – ‘wasting time’

March 1, 2012

I thought this sounded familiar. The garage rock kids from Sheffield are back with their second EP Throwing Up. Exuding hasty hooks and tasty licks, Best Friends are doing what they do best: generating tunes that make you want to push and hug everything in arms reach.

Best Friends – Wasting Time

Projecting an appetite for the shoreline, these landlocked runnamucks shred all over the place. Enough to out-shred their brief debut EP back in August. In fact, their overall sound has developed nicely over the past seven months. Heavier than before, the foursome is louder and rawer; a definition of power. As their Bandcamp URL proclaims: best friends party hard. Amen, bro.

Best Friends :: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Bandcamp / Dot Com

You can purchase Throwing Up on CD over at Art Is Hard Records for $8. It comes with a 12-page photobook – I had to guess, there’s probably vomit involved.


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