ouisa hound – ‘our wake’ + ‘memorand’

March 8, 2012

After checking some emails in the constraints of my bed, an ambiance began to rush over every sense. By the second time through it was apparent the sounds were not getting the atmosphere they deserve. Stumbling around as the sun penetrated the blinds, its presence remained full-bodied and overtly dramatic. The two song EP from 20-year old Joseph Randolph, obtains a different level of blissful resonation and stands outside the norm with ease.

Ouisa Hound – Our Wake
Ouisa Hound – Memorand

‘Our Wake’ and ‘Memorand’ are as intertwined as they are individualized. Like the daily course of obtaining consciousness once more, ‘Our Wake’ floats the soul between the worlds of physical and metaphysical. It’s etheral tones and post-rock drumming glides along past travels with Explosions’ ‘First Breath After Coma‘ which is followed by a near flawless transfer into ‘Memorand’. Carrying the tones of ‘Our Wake’, ‘Memorand’ takes the soul in-between and sends it roaring through an interstellar enlightenment.

Ouisa Hound :: Facebook / Tumblr / Bandcamp / Soundclound


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