houndsds – ‘evening’

March 9, 2012

A month ago, Chill Mega Chill excitedly announced their partnership with Brooklyn’s all-around-harmonizers HOUNDSds. An announcement fulfilled today, as my landlord rebuilds the rot-stricken porch outside my room with vigor and noise, the cozy sounds of Phone Thou morph brief obstacles into collected cogitations. In defining their sound, there’s no disillusion that we’re baptized in a most serene-styled pop compilation; though even when revisiting prior works like the celestial Los Dos, one can’t help but feel fine lost in another divine sense. The sound palette of ‘Evening’ evokes the sun-drowned exploration of the day’s end that the intrepid have sought since our initial dawn. Hot and bothered by wonder and adoration, Phone Thou has filled the void left by travelers past.

HOUNDSds – Evening

Phone Thou is out now through Chill Mega Chill’s Bandcamp – tapes are an easy $5 and digital DLs are at a pay-what-you-will rate – for your ears sake, don’t hesitate.

HOUNDSds :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / Tumblr


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