rdbm – ‘dead (feat. glassface)’

March 13, 2012

Outside of having a ball at Orange You Glad, my weekend consisted of a self-guided tour through the ins and outs of Brooklyn digital release medium Astro Nautico. Stocked with friendly words and bold sounds, bouncing between blog and mixes, one can truly get entangled in the lush ecosystems nurtured within. A name familiar with AN frequenters, RDBN – pronounced ‘Red Bone’ – is a Brooklyn via Philly beat maker who intertwines his SP-303, stacks of vinyl & some sparse synthesizers with extraordinary ease. There’s no name tied to the project, as the music speaks in lengths for itself. Cut and stirred with Hip Hop inspired beats and quick-laced experimentations, the soundscapes are rooted with a producer’s touch and draw obvious influences from dub and electronic of yesteryear. Within the discourse of ‘Dead’ – which features fellow experimenter Glassface – combines low-lying and melting synthlines that draws in a unique, sequenced taste. Take a listen to ‘Dead’ and the free-flowing minimalism of ‘In Green’ below + keep an eye out for a “proper debut record full of more structured songs” in the coming months.

RDBM – Dead (feat Glassface)
RDBM – In Green

Check out RDBN’s funky Astrocast and download Zoot Loops on his Bandcamp.

RDBM :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Drop down to catch another RDBM X Glassface collab entitled ‘WWMGMD’


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