silver swans – ‘actual pain’

March 14, 2012

San Fran’s Silver Swans were one of the seemingly hundreds Del Rey cover doers and, like Born to Die itself, their product was lackluster at best. But hey, who am I to judge artistic value. The duo’s latest release resonates in all the ways the cover failed at. Held together by looming shoegazes and a variety of pop elements. A near buffet of pop elements. Forever has your tropical aluminum drums, club-worthy 4/4 time signatures, and muffled 808 pads.

‘Actual Pain’ is the most pleasant of these options. Simple in construction and thick with glaze, singer Ann Yu exudes attraction and discomfort almost as if it came from – dare I say – a dream. There are some gems within the thicket of Forever, relaxed and introspective, a product of pleasure and pain. Stream the entire album on Bandcamp, where you can pick up a D/L for $10.

Silver Swans :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter


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