[under the rug] cotillon – ‘out of fashion’

March 15, 2012

With a current infatuation in everything noise, I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the amount of West Coast love-fuzz that travels through these speakers. This uber lo-fi work of Corso [couldn’t find a last name] known oxymoronically as Cotillon has been posting a steady stream of demos since I first ran across it a couple days back. There isn’t much out in way of content and no word on any ‘official’ releases, but the four tracks available for free on Bandcamp are delightfully dirty with fuzz.

Cotillon – Out of Fashion

The raw, almost primitive sounds, coupled with short claps and a drowsy vocal tone are further enhanced with his back story: “I heard stories of my dad surfing with Dora, sneaking “into” Mexico, and spending summers hitchhiking along the California coast with his surfboard, psychedelic drugs, and a Pet Sounds LP. Cotillon is my votive to my lineage of hazy 60’s summertime counter-culture.”

Cotillon – Especial

I can’t help but feel beauty in his DIY spirit seeping out into a puddle reflection whose sole purpose is to discuss dark thoughts and self-taught philosophy.

Cotillon :: Bandcamp

Punk. Sex. Noise.


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