lenticular clouds – ‘universal geometry’

March 20, 2012

In conception, nothing is forever and everything is misplaced, soon emerging from dark depths to create what we perceive. Relaxed reality. Is a line ever truly straight? ‘Universal Geometry’ instills segments of wind-chime beauty through shapes of level sizes whom are present in sight but absent in reach like his atmospheric counterparts. Both the sights lenticular clouds and sounds of Lenticular Clouds are brotherly in flight: neither bares the brunt of jagged mountain peaks or cares for the conclusion of infinite plateaus. Instead, they transverse land itself – surpassing, overseeing terrain for higher paths and foreign thoughts. His name is Albert Zaragoza Gas.

Lenticular Clouds – ‘Universal Geometry’

Lenticular Clouds’ Universal Geometry is available for free download from the folks at Concept Radio, but hurry up the free DLs only last for another week. PS the AyGeeTee and Milky Sway (Pensacola, holla) remixes.

Lenticular Clouds :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Dot Com

Check the Layer One made video for ‘Supergravedad’ off LC’s Ciencia/Conciencia below.


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