cute boy kissing booth – ‘heartless’

March 27, 2012

Vibrance spewing outwards, inspired by molecules unseen, but nevertheless felt. A stream of fresh thoughts from past barkings. These compositions carry a unique weight, pounds that come with time and leave with pen drawn paper. Some wisdom once talked about inspiration stemming from the present, being aided by the past, and taking on the future. To feel alive is nothing but an improvisation.

Sam Ray of Ricky Eat Acid and his wifey Jasmine Zoo are dreamers. They are avid supporters of the giveaway. They are Unlimited Free Milkshakes.

cute boy kissing booth – heartless

Their first release is Spring Break! by cute boy kissing booth – though I’m not entirely sure who takes the name – is “a pop/sound art album written and recorded while on spring break. the original idea for the project was to set every project and obligation i had aside and just write and record music constantly. there would be no rules and no limitations, beyond the time-limit. i did just that.” Neat, eh?

Download Spring Break! in its schoolyard affair entirety for free on UFM’s Bandcamp.



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