unouomedude – ‘everybody wants something’ (the zits cover)

April 4, 2012

It’s been a hot minute since Jacksonville’s unouomedude gave us ‘Frequency’ & ‘Frequency II’ last spring – F1 corresponded well with the ’10 summer of waves Marsh EP while F2 found minimalist pleasure within our first mixtape thing. Taking a step back and relishing in the sunshined pop that is as gleefully phonetic as the name itself, it only makes sense for the man to come out of winter hibernation – a Floridian paradox –  as spring stands.

unouomedude – Everybody Wants Something (The Zits)

The cover accompanies a set of TV show theme songs recognizable to any child of the 90s. They’re short, simple, and straight to the point. The best part comes from a recent glance of his twitter which disposes vowels and forgets time: “~♥-nw rcrd cmng-♥~”.

unouomedude :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr

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