kavanagh – ‘stray light’

April 10, 2012

In the mist of waking through their peak of slumber, the trees lay still. Gusts succumb to unseen paths and forgotten thoughts who foolishly left the room filled by wonder. We stood still as your hands withered. Nothing could grasp the falsities peaking through the slightest of cracks of an oversized doorway, as only a quiver could be heard and time was irrelevant. Our conclusion arrived with conviction: fear is evitable amid living.

Kavanagh – Stray Light

Kavanagh is the project of Orlando’s Cory James Worsley and Nicholas Galimidi – two men I’ve never met and know nothing about. But this is less about who and more about where. Their slow-built debut ‘Stray Light’ illustrates itself freely as though we’re watching a soul grow with time. Throughout the nine minute track, the atmosphere is less of a creation and more of an introduction to an intangible space – a space within reach, but physically unreachable.

Kavanagh :: Bandcamp

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