[local spotlight] girls on the beach

April 18, 2012

Orlando is a weird place. A comrade of mine linked me an article by National Geographic last month that focused entirely on how unusual “Orlando” is. Detailing a constant sprawl of people striving for a postindustrial lifestyle in a place that was never industrial to begin with. It’s a town of postmodern pioneers built up on what Walt Disney say as the American dream. In all honesty, between the billboards and their overbearing providers, the only thing that will keep someone sane is the diversity and spontaneity of the local music scene. A forever list that sports the heavy experimentations of Basements of Florida whose local roots run deep to the young fast-rising self-proclaimed fro-fi of xxyyxx, Orlando will fill any fancy and nurture any need. The most exciting part is the growing number of fresh faces gravitating in.

Girls on the Beach – What The Question Is

College boys Conner Lawhorne and Löwen Gruseck shuffled around town for a couple of years under the name The Jabronis, playing house shows on a whim and filling living rooms with psych-rock. After The Jabronis dissolved, Conner and Löwen made a quick name change, added Tristan Pemble on bass and Ben Feistmann on drums, mixed in some oh-so-catchy surf rock elements, and got busy. At last Saturday’s Hunx and his Punx sweat party, they unveiled a handful of promising tunes to add to their collection of blood-pumping tracks and while throwing energy out into the crowd like paper boys trying to hit the front door. Fans of early bedroom recordings by Nathan Williams will definitely find a familiar refuge in their demos.

Girls on the Beach – Firerock

Talking to Conner after the Hunx show, the four of them are planning to record sometime in May and plan on releasing an EP this summer possibly with the local imprint of Jordan Duttinger’s Godless America Records.”As far as anything else you should know, we like girls…and beaches…and rock n roll” – Conner.

Girls on the Beach :: Bandcamp / Facebook

Girls on the Beach are playing at Vinyl Richie’s Record Store Day Blow Out this Saturday in Orlando and it’s free!


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