alligator indian – ‘dark fruit’

April 19, 2012

Spook agents Alligator Indian are on the brink of release their debut LP (!) entitled Spring I’m In and have brought out a complimentary appetizer to single-handedly represent the main course. ‘Dark Fruit’ is a sweet, but sinister peak of the reserved transformation Christian and Alisha have settled into since the poptastic experimentations of FOOTBALL. Vocals pierce easy-going melodies like hell-bent concerns from a deathless preacher. They speak of surreal regeneration; we sit haunted and optimistic through our kingdom’s demise and rise, waiting to be reborn.

Alligator Indian – Dark Fruit

Spring I’m In is really good and out April 23th through Bleeding Gold Records on digital, Vinyl, AND Cassette. For now, stream ‘Dark Fruit’ and a couple even spookier remixes on Bandcamp.

Alligator Indian :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Dot Com

Make sure to 1. Go to Total Bummer 3D because it’s scientifically proven that it will be the time of your life and 2. Don’t miss Alligator Indian Saturday @ the Peacock Lounge. They play between Gainesville’s premium music makers Levek and Hear Hums.


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