kavanagh – ‘effortless’

April 23, 2012

If you take five solid scrolls down you’ll find ‘Stray Light’ – a nine minute pleasure bomb from ambient post-rockers Kavanagh. The track inspired a stellar rejuvenation of past love affairs with acts like GY!BE and Do Make Say Think, in which I found myself crawling back to their Bandcamp for daily enlightment.

Kavanagh – Effortless

Like a new generation of an iAnything, Cory and Nicholas’ second demo is more compact and easier to fiddle with. While ‘Stray Light’ took us on a stoic journey allowing the space between guitar and voice to guide the atmosphere, ‘Effortless’ grows from a deeper, darker branch closer to the internal monalouge you take away from a night spent alone – it’s paralyzing, but utterly necessary.

-That quick-moving arpeggio in the background fills out the song nicely.
-The child’s head pictured below belongs to one of them [Jarid Blumenthal mentioned that last weekend].
-The child is intact. Disregard the wording above.
-We’ll let you know if they end up getting a Soundcloud or Facebook or something like that.

Kavanagh :: Bandcamp


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