monalloh foundry

April 24, 2012

The extent of my Pittsburgh wits goes as far as misspelling the city’s name just now. Thankfully we have the Monalloh Foundry to give the closest thing Bandcamp has to a TED Talk. A creative collective based out of where else but Pittsburgh is utilizing the unique and righteous talents of the Steel City’s musicians, visual artists, and cinematographers. They were even kind enough to put together a fifteen song compilation stock full of faces familiar and new names.

Names like RIVKA and Ivory Weeds ring bells from past posts and Bandcamp escapades while others like Legs Like Tree Trunks, Too Young, Dean Cercone, and Drikks Nuns are new-found acquaintances who range in sound from soothing experimental folk to spacy math blips. Catch a couple of our favorites below and snatch the entire  71-minute compilation on Bandcamp – it’s free!

RIVKA – Kids Die Young

Legs Like Tree Trunks – Amends (Early Cut)

Dean Cercone – Ghost

-An eye on this collective, the talent runs deep and spreads thick.
-On top of the Foundry’s upcoming shows, bands/artists, and friends on Tumblr.

Monalloh Foundry :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter

Check out a couple videos filmed by Monalloh Foundry members Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones of fellow Monalloh Foundry member Ivory Weeds below.


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