the wandering lake – ‘ubi sunt qui ante nos feurunt?’

April 29, 2012

I found myself carving a scene into my desk. The cracks in the poorly maintained exterior are cast as stars upon the unkempt surface. The creak hand-fed by concentrated pressure are misused as crickets. I wish wood floors would chirp. The main character is mowing the sole grass patch with what appears to be a gas mower, his head is forever forward facing on the same plane as stars and grass: present with absence and aware of everything but itself.

The Wandering Lake – Ubi Sunt Qui Ante Nos Feurunt? [Where are those who were before us?]

The creator of that ambient awe is Arkansas’ Brian KupillasThe Wandering Lake is only eight months born and already two albums deep – both of which are a delight to indulge. April’s Ashame resonates with passion and wonder much like the singer/songwriter skills of Avey Tare rattle my bones to their nativity among the stars and grass.

The Wandering Lake – Water Patting

Download all of Brian’s work for no cost on Bandcamp.

The Wandering Lake :: Bandcamp / Facebook


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