dreampeter – ‘bluebeard’

May 10, 2012

No matter what level of education you’re in or have gone through, the done with school/all about summer mindset brings one to their most primitive, celestial roots. Opening up ‘Bluebeard’ on a sunny patio only did more justice to that experience. The positive nature of this Dreampeter jam is the interconnectedness of friends and strangers, dreams and experiences, what you are and what you’re not.

Dreampeter – Bluebeard

To meet/befriend/wanderlust with Matt, Peter, and the Zen Tapes for a moment in our lives was an experience I wish upon everyone and the energy from ‘Bluebeard’ is exactly what I wish upon them.

Dreampeter :: Bandcamp/ Facebook / Twitter Dream / Twitter Peter

Cheers to when those sine waves cross.

[postscript shout outs to George, JD, Aaron, and Stephany]


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