[under the rug] deadfile – ‘jericho’

May 11, 2012

The idiomatic expression “calm before the storm” has always found grace in wrath and pleasantries in destruction. Clouds block the sun and temperatures drop in a matter of minutes. Stillness is accompanied by deep relaxation as the surrounding air becomes pressurized – absorbing sound and thought.

Deadfile – Jericho

The biblical tall tale of Jericho – where the Israeli army brought down the assumably staunch walls of Jericho by their trumpets alone – feels well represented in the latest release of Greek post-rock experimenters Deadfile. The track rises from ambiance into comely instrumentation, moving at a slow march much like the story’s protagonist at Jericho. The piece uses samples from blues singer Clara Young‘s “Soldier’s Plea“with class, it’s breathtaking, it’s cinematic, it flows with angst and ease. The steady march is met with a ticking bomb that attains its apex within chaos and calamity as the what took seven minutes to build comes crashing down into dust.

Deadfile :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook


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