spirit tramp – ‘honey something’ + ‘the ruined verse’

May 12, 2012

JT Bringardner is a jack of rad trades. His brainchild Total Bummer remains an inspiration for everyone who has come in contact with it / Oh Fortuna – where he shares the stage with brother Michael Bringardner [Michael Parallax] and great dude James Jesse Martin [of Aircraft] – is the embodiment of a love of Kevin Costner and moving spirits ever forward / Spirit Cat is a movement as much as the culmination of friendship.

Like the three entities above, JT’s solo effort Spirit Tramp is a ever-developing persona; an experiencer you find comfort, inspiration in. The five songs within the Illuminati EP are as much JT as they are the people he’s come to know. The crem della crem homie of Gainesville are present and pleasant. JP Wright [Ghost Fields and of Levek], David Levesque [Levek], Tristan Whitehill [Euglossine, of Orchal & Vir, and of Jovian Junction Orchestra], and Nicole Miglis [of Hundred Waters] all made appearances or helped with the recordings to create an ultra personal, soul-felt intimacy.

For optimal self-realizations listen to the Illuminati EP outside your favorite window.

Spirit Tramp :: Soundcloud / Facebook

“I’ll start working on the full-length now, I promise.” -JT


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