wheat fields – ‘heaven is a place where nothing ever happens’

May 15, 2012

Curiosity in the most peculiar places. Nothing done but the clothes hung up. These trees cannot be what they seem. These leaves cannot be what they feel. In the distance, a somewhat ominous Wheat Fields stretches cloth over memories of changing seasons to keep the sand off our feet.

Wheat Fields – Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Happens

From what a simple image search it’s clear beauty, the Blue Mountains of Australia. Breathtaking would suit ‘Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens’ – not in the sense of an overwhelming awe, rather the modest gust that sweeps through its peaks collecting dust of the life below it. With little to be found about them around the web and about 45 seconds of dead space at the end, the solo track on Bandcamp seems like a test-the-waters demo. Either way, a trip back to the summer of 2009 is one I solemnly care to take but these Blue Mountain folk definitely set the scenery.

Wheat Fields :: Bandcamp

[Update: a remastered version is up accompanied by an atmospheric B-side and a Spoonty remix]

2 Responses to “wheat fields – ‘heaven is a place where nothing ever happens’”

  1. joshisfine said

    thanks for the kind words. there’s a properly mastered version, a b-side and a remix up there now. there is also some pretty cover art on its way


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