ocean floor condo – ‘microcassette #1’ + ‘fielding melish’

May 18, 2012

A found solitude met with sloshing currents where noise and neighbors are unable to trudge through, where light and warmth stem from within and without bother. A blue, twin-size bed lays across the room with no sheets and only a broken-in pillow. There are no outlets, no walls, no doors. There are no blinds, no coat hangers, no wires. A space only written about in sound, only discussed in art, only masked with light. This dimension is not our first, nor is it our last.

Five singles, five shark interpretations, and two sentences make up our knowledge of Vancouver’s Ocean Floor Condo. Each single say an early May release and each embodies a short, graced experimentation.

Peruse more Ocean Floor Condos through the link below before the housing market inflates again.

Ocean Floor Condo :: Bandcamp


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