lingerie – ‘mystical fortress’ + ‘pgf’

May 23, 2012

I spent new years eve weekend in Pensacola, FL – a town known for its Naval base and the run-down sprawl it created. Outside of the over-bearing podunk countryside, the western most panhandle town is a gem within the train hopping culture and, like most cultural hot spots, a music scene evolved in thanks to the now infamous This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. So when I arrived in the town with two ex-Pensacolans, we were quickly found directions to a house show that I expected to be sweaty warehouse or a cramped basement – both excellent venues.

The first steps onto the Savannah-inspired, Florida cracker wraparound porch found my eyes locked to a medley of new faces and what my subconscious described as semi-judgmental stares. We made our way into the house were an unknown, well-dressed man was untangling chords in a ritualistic manner. The two ex-Pensacolans ran off and I watched him fiddle with his set up mostly because his coat was glimmering and I have the hots for a table covered in electronics. The porch people eventually brought their wayward eyes inside and a petite lioness took the table mic. As the first groove played out of the PA, a sudden rush of deja vu filled the room – here in a town where my feet had never traveled, watching a selection of Pensacola’s finest electronic oddities, and here these two cosmic stars are drowning the room with glamour synthtones and you-best-damn-move disco rhythms; rhythms that I knew but for the life of me could not name.

It took two months to track down the sole person I knew at that house show and figure out that the glamour-duo was Milky Sway & Candy Starlight – now known simply as Lingerie – who were introduced to me through Holy Page Record‘s Halloween compilation tape. They now have their debut album on AMDISCS entitled Mystical Fortresshere the bubblegum is everlasting and the grooves never subside. Stream the album in its entirety over on AMDISCS soundcloud.

Lingerie :: Facebook / Bandcamp

Take the jump to see the VHS-y video for ‘Mystical Fortress’


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