ravens & chimes – ‘arrows’

May 27, 2012

Indie Rock as a descriptor holds a bland, overdone taste is my mouth. Maybe it became an umbrella genre for others to find a blossom off of. Maybe I despise umbrellas and walk at a normal pace in the rain to appear at peace, careless, and above pneumonia. Maybe the tell-all source Wikipedia questions Indie Rock’s meaningfulness as a term. Maybe its existence is a now publicly owned, easy to climb oak and should not be questioned. Maybe the music should speak for itself.

To focus on the past and present demons who have chiseled the idea that upheld the genre down to mere semantics and forged passions to overlook music as an art form in the name of monetary gain is silly when white-knuckled songwriters like Ravens & Chimes are disregarding them to create as lovely of sounds as ‘Arrows’ gives us.

Throughout Holiday LifeRavens & Chimes stirred up a medley of tempered ghosts, but the only descriptor that managed to pop up was solid indie rock and I’m perfectly fine with that. Stream a select few tracks from Holiday Life on Bandcamp and pick up the entire LP on vinyl or CD here.

Ravens & Chimes :: Bandcamp / Dot Com / Facebook


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