white rainbow – ‘racked up spatter clock’

June 4, 2012

A man of magnitude, Adam Forkner is one of the most – and least – consistent musicians out there. Allow me to explain. Consistent in the sense that he has secured fourteen releases over the last two years under the White Rainbow platform alone. Inconsistent in the sense that the music produced holds no boundaries and has existed in an all-terrain vehicle of experimentation.

Trick Shot arrives within a middle ground. A connection between Forkner’s recent affinity with beat tapes and past sound journeys of the wonder, one-take installation ÆGIS [Side note: play the two simultaneously for some ‘yo man check this out’ vibes]. ‘Trick Shot Arranger’ fancies the aforementioned beat tape infatuation and contains some serious funk, but the progression of ‘Racked Up Spatter Clock’ brought on a classification all of its own. Ambient aerials sweep through with a dissolving consistency; clips and snips of synths flutter in the background like traffic can be heard outside a room two blocks from main street; occasionally the word swag is personified.

Pick up the two-song 30+ minute album for $3 on Bandcamp.

White Rainbow :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter


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