public spreads the news – lou nutrient

June 6, 2012

A potent allergy to apples and oranges arose in transition; how sharp the knife only depends on credentials. To slice through the indirect mist that surrounds direct cohesion requires drive, better yet persistence. This is the imprint laid on entities existing far from daily routine. Through a debated ebb & flow, this is how the Public Spreads the News.

The cohesion of genres presented over the past year here at Too Many Carpets remains unclear and we will attempt to explain ourselves over the next couple weeks; in the end I hope there is no flow chart and chaos exists as a reflection of self. Nothing is utter chaos as stillness remains intact even as roadside shambles, but chaos is ever-present and it’s harmonic. A soft dip into chaos comes from Lou Nutrient – available on Bandcamp for free courtesy of the stellar Ailanthus Recordings – the under twenty-minute electro-tour cruises through tepid streams off shot by a spring-fed leisure pool.

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