vats – ‘the major & minor lines’

June 11, 2012

Panda Teeth was rad. A part of the Midwest/Wisconsin area FMLY hotspot – a spot that included the likes of Vacation Dad, Farms [cool video], Orchard Thief, and Coral Legs – their sound was raw and their spirit was genuinely pleasant. Though the flow of tunes has slowed over the past year, the group sleepover spirit lives on and can be seen within the Brooklyn FMLY Fest lineup where Farms has reunited and their friends have joined in. But back to Panda Teeth.

Vats – The Major & Minor Lines

Under the new moniker Vats, the looping mind of Ronnie curates a lonely, elegant mood within his most resent effort Natura Naturans. ‘The Major & Minor Lines’ in particular has a welcomed feel, playing out like it’s being created in your room – the image is clear and the sounds are heart-soaked dreams. Doing some background research, the song was originally a single from Ronnie’s last escapade Cecilia, though he Vats version is more than twice the scale and filled with layers upon layers of delicious drone.

Vats :: Bandcamp / Facebook

MJ MJ had a great release/project of friends Ronnie and Zach as Sad Ghems over here.


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