chris rehm – ‘about things’

June 14, 2012

I found myself listening to the ghostandthesong / Chris Rehm split Ünscharfe / Shimmer this morning – something I suggest everyone does at least once. Two solo projects from opposite ends of the globe composed from the soils of subtle psychedelia.

Chris Rehm – About Things

Anyway, the split reminded me that Chris Rehm had a new piece out [i found an] Elephant Ring [and gave it to you] – pure in somber, the textures involved are dense and out-reaching; gentle enough to encourage slumber but embedded with enough vibrance to secure a mind-body-soul trance. The ten minute wonder ‘About Things’ stands out because of its size but is only one of the many peaks found throughout the album. Tackle the full range over in his domain and view the video for ‘Coming Up Roses’ after the jump.

Chris Rehm ::  Bandcamp / Tumblr / Tumblr / Facebook / Dot Com

[Chris is one half of rad noise pop outfit Caddywhompus

/ Their last EP The Weight was one of last year’s best]


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