tape stories: nomadic firs

June 29, 2012

We were delighted to receive an email from Decoder man Dwight who was quick to sent over a couple releases from his trustworthy label imprint Crash Symbols. The first tape was Nomadic Firs‘ self-titled debut. When I sat down to write some words about the tape, a wafting psychedelia came over me and tape stories was created.

Nomadic Firs – Cover Bombs

Walking a case of the locally brewed summer ale down a friend’s dock, passing aging wood to the tune of branches brushed with a river breeze and flip-flop claps, in the water a boat features warm smiles. The boat takes off north. The clouds are sparse but dense enough to lend out shade when needed most. The motor kicks into high gear and we begin to fly over bridges, making small talk with seagulls who also came into their own after a brief stint away from the herd.

Nomadic Firs – In The Morning

The sun set an hour ago but the tank is still half full. The clouds act as lawn chairs and jokes are told and tents are made. Life is lucid. The sun told us so when morning came. When the morning came the boat was gone. Never turn your back to a flock of shifty-eyed seagulls. The only way home was down so we dove. Terminal velocity meant nothing and the view was great – people waved; they looked so significant and were all the same. The waves broke our fall and the seagulls, feeling guilty and offering a well-seasoned platter of mahi-mahi, returned the boat. Nice guys really.

Nomadic Firs :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Pick up the tape and digital download for a measly $5 on Crash Symbols’ Bandcamp.

The second tape from Crash Symbols is Some Ember‘s Hotel of Lost Light and will up next week.


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