outlands – ‘the looming’ + ‘sisters/lovers’

July 8, 2012

The continuous jet lag of an absent spirit gathers stale mold without mercy or openness to the host it feeds. A cure comes from connecting mind, body, and soul – easier said than done; done easier over time.

The course of each track from Virginia duo Outlands‘ debut EP fits perfectly with the budding power that fosters within. Cloud-filtered rhythms of disco-bred, electro-pop and the golden waves of vocalized summits match up in a way too good to ignore. As a friend put it “if Olivia Newton-John was still in the game, this would be the outcome.”

Stream their self-titled in full over on Chill Mega Chill and pick up the cassette for a hit $5 while you’re at it – it’s under the super-limited dubbing of 25 copies.

Outlands :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook


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