halasan bazar – ‘figure it out’

September 10, 2012

Alkaline wisdom best displayed in a backyard. Today’s perversions are scattered over tar-painted apartment walls, holding overnight clarity bleached white at dawn by tempered regret. A moment of nothingness began the day where nothing was fixed and nothing meant all that much. Today was everything two eyes need. Today was definite.

‘Figure It Out’ comes off the debut album of the Copenhagen woozy pysch-folk group. The self-help sounding title How To Be Ever Happy isn’t exactly a blueprint for injecting summer fun into your beating veins and I don’t think head man Fredrik Eckhoff intended it either. Instead we find Fredrik digging through graves and eating minds in search of what we’re all unsure about: meaning.

I can only assume Fredrik found something in those graves.

Halasan Bazar :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook


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