euglossine – ‘limit of/to your reason (feat. bola)’ + ‘holy days (thankful waves)’

September 18, 2012

Two nodes diverged from a fellow brood. To be one traveller, misunderstood. The ever-energetic Gainesvillian Tristan Whitehill has put up some personal work up under his moniker Euglossine and the psych world rejoiced. Aside from the now streamable 30-minute Floridian Abstraction tape that was released on Housecraft Recordings, two tracks sit side by side as odes and oms to his creative fluidity.

BOLA, like Tristan, is apart of Gainesville’s 21st century interstellar hip hop act MSNRA and butters up consciousness with the heavy hitting beatwork on ‘Limit Of/To Your Reason’ while ‘Holy Days (Thankful Waves)’ finds tranquility in the depths of a slow churning pond. Pleasantries intact in a room flavored vanilla.

Euglossine :: Soundcloud / Elestial Sound


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