deimos phobos – feelings

October 1, 2012

Company found and sought after. The lissajous curve of desire, distress, divinity, indifference. Slumber for solace; an enduring moment of harmony. Steps from normality. Celestial bounds from reality. Our calves substituted by cognitive existence, hurdles swapped for oppression, set free by sharing and accepting it all.

[He took down his bandcamp and put up a download-all-my-old-stuff link]

A physics student at peace, Eau Claire’s Deimos Phobos wrangles together a short, but instantly memorable ride through clouds and consciousness. With the help of Elan Mccallum, Lindsey Etzkorn, and Adelyn Rose [whose album Mezzanine is up there with the best of 2012], feelings is both intrapersonal and dance-in-a-sweaty-crowd-able which kinda reminds me of those MJ MJ‘s good mood tapes.

Deimos Phobos :: Bandcamp / Facebook /


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