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Big thanks to everyone who helped make this year great. 2k12 was uncomfortably transitional and I appreciate the support and love, y’all are the best. So here are the albums that made everything okay; there are no rankings as they inhabit similar summer homes within me.

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Two nodes diverged from a fellow brood. To be one traveller, misunderstood. The ever-energetic Gainesvillian Tristan Whitehill has put up some personal work up under his moniker Euglossine and the psych world rejoiced. Aside from the now streamable 30-minute Floridian Abstraction tape that was released on Housecraft Recordings, two tracks sit side by side as odes and oms to his creative fluidity.

BOLA, like Tristan, is apart of Gainesville’s 21st century interstellar hip hop act MSNRA and butters up consciousness with the heavy hitting beatwork on ‘Limit Of/To Your Reason’ while ‘Holy Days (Thankful Waves)’ finds tranquility in the depths of a slow churning pond. Pleasantries intact in a room flavored vanilla.

Euglossine :: Soundcloud / Elestial Sound

trails – ‘guaguancó’

September 4, 2012

A breath of fresh air scented with mangos, bongos, irrational fractions, and spine tingling righteousness is Orlando’s diamond duo Trails. They’ve been jolting crowds with mathy grooves for the better half of a year, opening up the recent PORTALS/Tiny Waves showcase last week and passing out their debut single – ‘Guaguancó’ – and sweaty hugs in the process.

In short, ‘Guaguancó’ is a first launch NASA would be proud of. Featuring the vast talents of their eccentric drummer Kyle Potter and guitar techie Bryan Burgos, the two welcome the skills of Gerald Perez, who manages to have a hand in every act that calls North/Central Florida home including his very own swoon project Maximino, to lay down his notoriously slick basslines and give an already stellar sound that little extra sumthin’ sumthin’.

Trails :: Bandcamp / Facebook

+ If you’re in Orlando next week, Kyle and Bryan are playing Will’s Pub Anniversary Week Sept. 9th and the Shine Shed Fundraiser Show Sept. 12th

A major theme here is Florida’s local music scene and the atmospheres it conjures up. The incredible musical talent on this odd peninsula inspires a majority of what you see and deserves credit.

Much like Wednesday’s soft dip into chaos by way of Public Spreads the News, the quick to blossom songwriting technique of Gainesville resident Sebastian aka Tres Pelo transpires best in one, fluent sweep. Le Lo Lai contains a refreshing spice of salsa samples and pure instrumentation that blends together into a smooth collection of Latin-inspired, psych grooves. And check out TPs newer release Up N’ Adam for some equally impressive, more somber work [especially ‘Mt. Pelée 1906’, ‘Mt. Pelée 1906’ is wonderful].

Tres Pelo :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook

Orlando is a weird place. A comrade of mine linked me an article by National Geographic last month that focused entirely on how unusual “Orlando” is. Detailing a constant sprawl of people striving for a postindustrial lifestyle in a place that was never industrial to begin with. It’s a town of postmodern pioneers built up on what Walt Disney say as the American dream. In all honesty, between the billboards and their overbearing providers, the only thing that will keep someone sane is the diversity and spontaneity of the local music scene. A forever list that sports the heavy experimentations of Basements of Florida whose local roots run deep to the young fast-rising self-proclaimed fro-fi of xxyyxx, Orlando will fill any fancy and nurture any need. The most exciting part is the growing number of fresh faces gravitating in.

Girls on the Beach – What The Question Is

College boys Conner Lawhorne and Löwen Gruseck shuffled around town for a couple of years under the name The Jabronis, playing house shows on a whim and filling living rooms with psych-rock. After The Jabronis dissolved, Conner and Löwen made a quick name change, added Tristan Pemble on bass and Ben Feistmann on drums, mixed in some oh-so-catchy surf rock elements, and got busy. At last Saturday’s Hunx and his Punx sweat party, they unveiled a handful of promising tunes to add to their collection of blood-pumping tracks and while throwing energy out into the crowd like paper boys trying to hit the front door. Fans of early bedroom recordings by Nathan Williams will definitely find a familiar refuge in their demos.

Girls on the Beach – Firerock

Talking to Conner after the Hunx show, the four of them are planning to record sometime in May and plan on releasing an EP this summer possibly with the local imprint of Jordan Duttinger’s Godless America Records.”As far as anything else you should know, we like girls…and beaches…and rock n roll” – Conner.

Girls on the Beach :: Bandcamp / Facebook

Girls on the Beach are playing at Vinyl Richie’s Record Store Day Blow Out this Saturday in Orlando and it’s free!

What started as an interview project for class turned into a wonderful internet sit-down with notable Orlando-based musician and Tiny Waves music editor Steve Head. We were especially fortunate to have Steve offer up some old demos recorded around the conception of his Dark Sea of Awareness soundscapes. Everything’s after the jump, so pop a squat and enjoy our inaugural interview.

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I was fortunate enough to be shown the talents of Gainesville’s Nicole Miglis last year and ended up spending the next two days in seclusion listening to her ‘Quiet Mornings’ demo. Now, with her first official release simply coined EP, we are further engulfed with awe as wind blown sand gallops over piano keys and falling leaves pluck guitar strings in the gracious company of an indescribable voice. With friends on her side, we’re given a collection of songs written within the span three years [2008-2010], a collection 18 minutes in length, a collection that extends time and space, a viscid experience deep set in your soul-lit shadows.

Aside from her solo work, Nicole exists in alternating forms. She stands among the ever-talented members of Levek‘s backing band, is the helmswoman of brilliant newcomers Hundred Waters, and a purveyor of cabin music with Tiny Ridge Walkers. And through it all, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything without grace. I’m still not sure where we can snag the CD pictured below, as a trip to Gainesville becomes even more tempting.

Nicole Miglis :: Bandcamp / Tumblr

I suppose it’s about time. After a machine gun of releases spanning all the oddities known to worlds unseen, Telethon is getting the calls they deserve. Devoid of urges to cookie-cut their sound into whatever’s pops, these pysch-cats have chiseled themselves into a marble-hard staple within Orlando’s growing scene. Their ever-enthusiastic leader, Tele V. Cheeseburger aka local juggernaut Matt Kamm, seems fueled solely on musical adventures, conversation, and will serenade you at the drop of your words.

Telethon – Ow Nix Golly
Telethon – Get Things Wrong

Their first full on EP in about a year, Ow Nix Golly is saturated with funky grooves, catchy-as-hell hooks, and the weird pysch-tronica Telethon as grown to embody. You can grab a couple of my favorites above and download the beaut of an EP entirely for a name-your-price on Bandcamp. PS I hear there’s a cassette release in the works!

Telethon :: Facebook / Twitter / SoundcloudBandcamp / Site

Telethon Live! >>  haus show/pot luck in DeLand (11/26) + Localcopia 2011 in Orlando (12/3)

With the friendly help of Relief in Abstract‘s Jered Dowden and the slick tunes of Fortune Howl, I’ve cheerfully been stuck on the Orlando’s everything-you-need-to-chill-out act xxyyxx. At the ripe age of 15, I can’t help but see a wide-open horizon in the future of solo-man, soul-man Marcel Everett. His self-proclaimed ‘Fro-Fi’ style pulls heavily from those involved in the ’09 chillwave burst like Washed Out and Toro Y Moi and the more reason out break of post-dubstep molded R&B with the likes of How To Dress Well and recent work from Active Child. Still Sound, Marcel’s debut album, plays less like a record and more like a feature film. An underdog turned local idol, each track embodies ethereal emotions and throws you for a spin with the comfort of funky baselines and the balance of one’s peace of mind.

xxyyxx – Letter 23
xxyyxx – Mango

Download Still Sound in it’s entirety at Relief in Abstract’s Bandcamp.

xxyyxx :: Facebook/Tumblr/Soundcloud

Continue on to watch the handheld video for ‘Life on Repeat’.
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The recent avalanche of generally fantastic music brewing in Orlando has me checking the city’s water for faint traces of magic. I’m serious. The best part is no two acts sport the same sound; to each their own. Take fancy beat maker Fortune Howl for example, the brainchild of Bryce Linde manages intricate loops and drifting layers drawn from his well-known and beloved influences like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mowhawke. The best part is, get this, Bryce is only 16 and already has an ear for twisting ambient spaces and candied samples into some sort of tastefully bizarre electronic double helix.

Fortune Howl – Space Squid
Fortune Howl – Bamboo Shoot!

His first full-length, entitled You Can Stay, was released digitally by the newly formed, extremely friendly, and Orlando-based label Relief in Abstract run by Jered Dowden, who I have to thank for introducing me to these good vibes. Stay put, I’ll have more from RIA Records for you early next week.

Fortune Howl :: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/ReverbNation

Bonus: Fortune Howl – Samurai Sword (BUSTED by heRobust)

Defined: Maximino clams greatness. A feat most seek, but rarely obtain. After hearing the latest work from Winter Park, Florida’s multi-instrumentalist, Gerald Perez, Maximino might be a bit modest. Not So Cold, Cave, the first of two six-song EPs, journeys deep into something distant, but very familiar. Gaining inspiration from the Marianna Caverns located in Florida’s Panhandle, Gerald glides ominous vocals over gaping psychedelia, tucking your senses away in all too personal cave.

Apart from his work in Maximino, Gerald supplies bass for Young Brother and Thee Wilt Chamberlain, all while traveling around the state to work with other emerging artists, most recently the talented Levek. His music gains complexity through the ability to layer strings (cello, namely) with synths and drums with ease, both on record and live, making for an impressively complete sound. Needless to say, the man’s got talent and it’s growing daily. You can download Not So Cold, Cave on Glowmobile Recording Company or along with his earlier works as Maximino on Bandcamp.

Album artwork is by fellow Winter Park resident, Katy Bradford, who is also looking for wax.

For our third installment local spotlight we have Orlando’s easy-going producer Jordan Shih. I met this gent soon after my move to Orlando and have had the pleasure of watching his progression from a fork in the road PreMed student to a driven musician. Though the thought had always lingered, it took a decade of  child-like awe and a modest knowledge of Fruityloops to create JSHIH in 2009. Influenced by noted acts like Aphex Twin, Baths and J Dilla, his self-described “ethereal” sound holds a unique, personal feel through the sampling and recording of his own voice. Off the record, the most notable characteristic of Jordan is the flexibility of his live shows, ranging from a rowdy five piece performance, vocalist included, to a more intimate, yet exhilarating guitar-midi solo set.

The Weeknd – The Morning (JSHIH Remix) (unmastered)

The journey is young and building speed; featured in two mixtapes in June alone. Sewer Tapes and AMDiscs teamed up earlier this month for the grime party rightfully titled Sewer Greats, Volume I, featuring acts like TMCP-hyped Teamm Jordann, AyGeeTee, and ‘this, distant’ by JSHIH. Not two weeks later, Jordan sent me word of another mixtape and his hardest hitting track yet: ‘Welcome Home’ under the moniker SALES. A highlight on digitally released compilation by Holy Page Records, which includes hyped acts BOY MTN and arcsin(100).

SALES – Welcome Home
JSHIH – this, distant

You can purchase the remarkably strange Sewer Greats, Volume I on Sewage Tapes’ Bandcamp for a $3.
Holy Page Compilation 2011 is out digitally on the Holy Page Bandcamp at any price and will be released physically on these nifty looking cassettes July 1. Preorder today, it’s limited to 50 copies!

The future is limitless; keep an eye out for impending releases by Jordan Shih.