I spent new years eve weekend in Pensacola, FL – a town known for its Naval base and the run-down sprawl it created. Outside of the over-bearing podunk countryside, the western most panhandle town is a gem within the train hopping culture and, like most cultural hot spots, a music scene evolved in thanks to the now infamous This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. So when I arrived in the town with two ex-Pensacolans, we were quickly found directions to a house show that I expected to be sweaty warehouse or a cramped basement – both excellent venues.

The first steps onto the Savannah-inspired, Florida cracker wraparound porch found my eyes locked to a medley of new faces and what my subconscious described as semi-judgmental stares. We made our way into the house were an unknown, well-dressed man was untangling chords in a ritualistic manner. The two ex-Pensacolans ran off and I watched him fiddle with his set up mostly because his coat was glimmering and I have the hots for a table covered in electronics. The porch people eventually brought their wayward eyes inside and a petite lioness took the table mic. As the first groove played out of the PA, a sudden rush of deja vu filled the room – here in a town where my feet had never traveled, watching a selection of Pensacola’s finest electronic oddities, and here these two cosmic stars are drowning the room with glamour synthtones and you-best-damn-move disco rhythms; rhythms that I knew but for the life of me could not name.

It took two months to track down the sole person I knew at that house show and figure out that the glamour-duo was Milky Sway & Candy Starlight – now known simply as Lingerie – who were introduced to me through Holy Page Record‘s Halloween compilation tape. They now have their debut album on AMDISCS entitled Mystical Fortresshere the bubblegum is everlasting and the grooves never subside. Stream the album in its entirety over on AMDISCS soundcloud.

Lingerie :: Facebook / Bandcamp

Take the jump to see the VHS-y video for ‘Mystical Fortress’

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monalloh foundry

April 24, 2012

The extent of my Pittsburgh wits goes as far as misspelling the city’s name just now. Thankfully we have the Monalloh Foundry to give the closest thing Bandcamp has to a TED Talk. A creative collective based out of where else but Pittsburgh is utilizing the unique and righteous talents of the Steel City’s musicians, visual artists, and cinematographers. They were even kind enough to put together a fifteen song compilation stock full of faces familiar and new names.

Names like RIVKA and Ivory Weeds ring bells from past posts and Bandcamp escapades while others like Legs Like Tree Trunks, Too Young, Dean Cercone, and Drikks Nuns are new-found acquaintances who range in sound from soothing experimental folk to spacy math blips. Catch a couple of our favorites below and snatch the entire  71-minute compilation on Bandcamp – it’s free!

RIVKA – Kids Die Young

Legs Like Tree Trunks – Amends (Early Cut)

Dean Cercone – Ghost

-An eye on this collective, the talent runs deep and spreads thick.
-On top of the Foundry’s upcoming shows, bands/artists, and friends on Tumblr.

Monalloh Foundry :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter

Check out a couple videos filmed by Monalloh Foundry members Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones of fellow Monalloh Foundry member Ivory Weeds below.

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Jovian Junction Orchestra is yet another seed in full bloom from Gainesville featuring the ripe local ltalents of Tristan Whitehill from Euglossine, Shara Lunon, and Jason Gottfried. Their set at Orange You Glad was hands down, my favorite act from the weekend thanks to Shara’s enchanted vocals, tribal ambiance, and smooth, rhythm-y grooves. You can catch some more SXSW pics and vid from the stacked Elestial Sound Showcase over at Tiny Waves.

In conception, nothing is forever and everything is misplaced, soon emerging from dark depths to create what we perceive. Relaxed reality. Is a line ever truly straight? ‘Universal Geometry’ instills segments of wind-chime beauty through shapes of level sizes whom are present in sight but absent in reach like his atmospheric counterparts. Both the sights lenticular clouds and sounds of Lenticular Clouds are brotherly in flight: neither bares the brunt of jagged mountain peaks or cares for the conclusion of infinite plateaus. Instead, they transverse land itself – surpassing, overseeing terrain for higher paths and foreign thoughts. His name is Albert Zaragoza Gas.

Lenticular Clouds – ‘Universal Geometry’

Lenticular Clouds’ Universal Geometry is available for free download from the folks at Concept Radio, but hurry up the free DLs only last for another week. PS the AyGeeTee and Milky Sway (Pensacola, holla) remixes.

Lenticular Clouds :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Dot Com

Check the Layer One made video for ‘Supergravedad’ off LC’s Ciencia/Conciencia below.

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CSLSX is quickly becoming the world’s best lab partner. After collaborating with the lovely ladies of Mountain Man just last month, the Philly collective has teamed up with Swedish duo I Break Horses whose debut album Hearts was as lush as it was honest and eloquent.

The texture of each player is displayed with natural cohesion. Practically weightless, ‘Violent Sea’ is a crime of passion generating streams of shoegaze for an overcast afternoon. Who knows what CSLSX has up their sleeve, but whatever it is must be heaven sent.

CSLSX :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Blog

I Break Horses:: Facebook / Twitter / Dot Com

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gremlins – ‘jonbenét’

February 27, 2012

Within the ever-spirited, always-exciting world of Do-It-Together, there’s a supergroup I can’t help but adore. The entity in adoration is Gremlins the combined perceptions of Katie Lee (Braids), Patrick Jeffords (Toro Y Moi, Kid Trails), Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid), and Mat Cothran (Coma Cinema, Elvis Depressedly). Similar in deposition, each member brings their personal style to the table; a table constructed by moist dreams.

Gremlins – JonBenét

In succession of their debut head-turner ‘Maim My Bitch’, the self-titled, self-released EP from the four person power hour comes through effortlessly and with astonishing grace. No track better exudes peace than ‘JonBenét’. A surfaced presence of uplifting snyths, casting a shadow, exhausted and intertwined with tastefully sick benevolence. In a concealed bellow, Mat Cothran utters “I wanna die like JonBenét” – the child beauty pageant participant murdered in the mid-90s – a beauty-in-horror testament to pass before innocence, a revelation hidden within the wicker walls of abridged efforts, a means of celebration as the present is more of an afterthought and the past was never there to begin with.

You can download the 5-track EP on Bandcamp for free.

Gremlins:: Bandcamp

Watch a video for ‘JonBenét’ by The Tearist after the jump.

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Images by Heather Palmer

Teamm Jordann aka the aquatic powers of Teams and Daytime Television, will be releasing their first LP Champion is some undisclosed amount of time. But, for now, we can relish in the damp electronics and magnetic visuals of ‘Hall of Fame’ which you can download off their Bandcamp.

Teamm Jordann :: BandcampTwitter / Facebook / Dot Com / Tumblr

[Still no word on how TMJD’s engagement with Doir Nights is going, though they’re still on top of our power-couple rankings]

[video] the-drum – ‘$’

February 19, 2012

Just..whoa by Mary Rachel.

The-Drum – $

The-Drum :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

Hear Hums didn’t release anything last year and they still might be one of hardest working bands in the sunshine state. Thanks to the monthly efforts of an addiction support line run by their blood-pumping live set and the at-home comfort of their two prior releases on tape, my sanity remained stable. Luckily, it’s a new year, Opens is out and it’s good. Real good. Featuring the untitled gems from their fall performances and a half-dozen other midday experimentations, the Gainesville duo of Mitch and Kenzie have kept true to the natural warmth that weaved throughout the albums and shows of past, all while winding between cordial behavior and a South American cave party.

Hear Hums – Critters Canopy

Download Opens for free/donation or pre-order on CD through Akashic Records [run by Hear Hums] through Bandcamp + keep an eye out for the cassette release of Opens from Inner Islands.

Hear Hums :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Their Rad Blog

Catch the video for ‘Shrines’ below

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“Vacationation” off Hooded Fang‘s Tosta Mista, animation created by Patrick Kyle.

Hooded Fangs :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Dot Com


“Black Shore” off the solo debut of Jonsi’s touring bassist Úlfur Hansson entitled White Mountain out March 30th on Kimi Records. Directed by Máni M. Sigfússon.

Úlfur :: Facebook / Tumblr

Above It All / Stay Alert

Controlled Vibrations :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube

“Songs about happiness murmured in dreams. When we both of us knew. How the end always is….”

Portuguese dark electro duo :papercutz type up some of my favorite emails, layered with half-hearted cynicism and ear-pleasing content. Up to bat this time around is the video for their cover of title single from The Cure‘s 1989 classic, Disintegration. Equally as dark with a twist of electronics from frontman Bruno Miguel and ethereal vocals from the soul of Melissa Veras calls for prescribed ambient afterthoughts. Download at ze Soundcloud.

:papercutz :: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Vimeo