FMLY Fest Brooklyn

June 21, 2012

“The music-lover experiences, in listening to a concert, a joy of a different order from the joy given by natural sounds, such as the murmur of the brook, the uproar of a torrent, the whistling of the wind in a forest, or the harmonies of human speech based on reason rather than on aesthetics.” –Guillaume Apollinaire

See You There!

fmly fest orlando

June 15, 2012

FMLY FEST Orlando is today! Get out early to catch all these wonderful people! Schedule is below and more information is on the event page.

Will’s Pub

8:20 Trails
9:00 Dark Miracle
9:40 Thee Wilt Chamberlain
10:20 Southern Nights
11:00 Hear Hums
11:40 Michael Parallax
12:00 Oh Fortuna

Lil Indies

8:00 Jack Littman and Cameron Rath
8:40 Fortune Howl
9:20 Body Cheetah
10:00 Yohuna
10:40 Truman Peyote
11:20 ?uestlove’s mega jam

I found myself listening to the ghostandthesong / Chris Rehm split Ünscharfe / Shimmer this morning – something I suggest everyone does at least once. Two solo projects from opposite ends of the globe composed from the soils of subtle psychedelia.

Chris Rehm – About Things

Anyway, the split reminded me that Chris Rehm had a new piece out [i found an] Elephant Ring [and gave it to you] – pure in somber, the textures involved are dense and out-reaching; gentle enough to encourage slumber but embedded with enough vibrance to secure a mind-body-soul trance. The ten minute wonder ‘About Things’ stands out because of its size but is only one of the many peaks found throughout the album. Tackle the full range over in his domain and view the video for ‘Coming Up Roses’ after the jump.

Chris Rehm ::  Bandcamp / Tumblr / Tumblr / Facebook / Dot Com

[Chris is one half of rad noise pop outfit Caddywhompus

/ Their last EP The Weight was one of last year’s best]

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Panda Teeth was rad. A part of the Midwest/Wisconsin area FMLY hotspot – a spot that included the likes of Vacation Dad, Farms [cool video], Orchard Thief, and Coral Legs – their sound was raw and their spirit was genuinely pleasant. Though the flow of tunes has slowed over the past year, the group sleepover spirit lives on and can be seen within the Brooklyn FMLY Fest lineup where Farms has reunited and their friends have joined in. But back to Panda Teeth.

Vats – The Major & Minor Lines

Under the new moniker Vats, the looping mind of Ronnie curates a lonely, elegant mood within his most resent effort Natura Naturans. ‘The Major & Minor Lines’ in particular has a welcomed feel, playing out like it’s being created in your room – the image is clear and the sounds are heart-soaked dreams. Doing some background research, the song was originally a single from Ronnie’s last escapade Cecilia, though he Vats version is more than twice the scale and filled with layers upon layers of delicious drone.

Vats :: Bandcamp / Facebook

MJ MJ had a great release/project of friends Ronnie and Zach as Sad Ghems over here.

A major theme here is Florida’s local music scene and the atmospheres it conjures up. The incredible musical talent on this odd peninsula inspires a majority of what you see and deserves credit.

Much like Wednesday’s soft dip into chaos by way of Public Spreads the News, the quick to blossom songwriting technique of Gainesville resident Sebastian aka Tres Pelo transpires best in one, fluent sweep. Le Lo Lai contains a refreshing spice of salsa samples and pure instrumentation that blends together into a smooth collection of Latin-inspired, psych grooves. And check out TPs newer release Up N’ Adam for some equally impressive, more somber work [especially ‘Mt. Pelée 1906’, ‘Mt. Pelée 1906’ is wonderful].

Tres Pelo :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook

A potent allergy to apples and oranges arose in transition; how sharp the knife only depends on credentials. To slice through the indirect mist that surrounds direct cohesion requires drive, better yet persistence. This is the imprint laid on entities existing far from daily routine. Through a debated ebb & flow, this is how the Public Spreads the News.

The cohesion of genres presented over the past year here at Too Many Carpets remains unclear and we will attempt to explain ourselves over the next couple weeks; in the end I hope there is no flow chart and chaos exists as a reflection of self. Nothing is utter chaos as stillness remains intact even as roadside shambles, but chaos is ever-present and it’s harmonic. A soft dip into chaos comes from Lou Nutrient – available on Bandcamp for free courtesy of the stellar Ailanthus Recordings – the under twenty-minute electro-tour cruises through tepid streams off shot by a spring-fed leisure pool.

Public Spreads the News :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / YouTube

A man of magnitude, Adam Forkner is one of the most – and least – consistent musicians out there. Allow me to explain. Consistent in the sense that he has secured fourteen releases over the last two years under the White Rainbow platform alone. Inconsistent in the sense that the music produced holds no boundaries and has existed in an all-terrain vehicle of experimentation.

Trick Shot arrives within a middle ground. A connection between Forkner’s recent affinity with beat tapes and past sound journeys of the wonder, one-take installation ÆGIS [Side note: play the two simultaneously for some ‘yo man check this out’ vibes]. ‘Trick Shot Arranger’ fancies the aforementioned beat tape infatuation and contains some serious funk, but the progression of ‘Racked Up Spatter Clock’ brought on a classification all of its own. Ambient aerials sweep through with a dissolving consistency; clips and snips of synths flutter in the background like traffic can be heard outside a room two blocks from main street; occasionally the word swag is personified.

Pick up the two-song 30+ minute album for $3 on Bandcamp.

White Rainbow :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter

Indie Rock as a descriptor holds a bland, overdone taste is my mouth. Maybe it became an umbrella genre for others to find a blossom off of. Maybe I despise umbrellas and walk at a normal pace in the rain to appear at peace, careless, and above pneumonia. Maybe the tell-all source Wikipedia questions Indie Rock’s meaningfulness as a term. Maybe its existence is a now publicly owned, easy to climb oak and should not be questioned. Maybe the music should speak for itself.

To focus on the past and present demons who have chiseled the idea that upheld the genre down to mere semantics and forged passions to overlook music as an art form in the name of monetary gain is silly when white-knuckled songwriters like Ravens & Chimes are disregarding them to create as lovely of sounds as ‘Arrows’ gives us.

Throughout Holiday LifeRavens & Chimes stirred up a medley of tempered ghosts, but the only descriptor that managed to pop up was solid indie rock and I’m perfectly fine with that. Stream a select few tracks from Holiday Life on Bandcamp and pick up the entire LP on vinyl or CD here.

Ravens & Chimes :: Bandcamp / Dot Com / Facebook

While on the subject of AMDISCS and people who used to live in North Florida, the brotherly duo of Tonstartssbandht are re-releasing Sinkhole, Storm, and Sandwich and Hymn on a single cassette on AMDISICS, Arbutus recordsNeen Records. A well deserved feat for Andy and Edwin White, as they live in different cities and create an extraordinary passionate live performance.

Stream both albums and more on Bandcamp and pick up the cassette for €5 on any of the labels above.

Tonstartssbandht :: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter 1 / Twitter 2 / Dot Com

I spent new years eve weekend in Pensacola, FL – a town known for its Naval base and the run-down sprawl it created. Outside of the over-bearing podunk countryside, the western most panhandle town is a gem within the train hopping culture and, like most cultural hot spots, a music scene evolved in thanks to the now infamous This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. So when I arrived in the town with two ex-Pensacolans, we were quickly found directions to a house show that I expected to be sweaty warehouse or a cramped basement – both excellent venues.

The first steps onto the Savannah-inspired, Florida cracker wraparound porch found my eyes locked to a medley of new faces and what my subconscious described as semi-judgmental stares. We made our way into the house were an unknown, well-dressed man was untangling chords in a ritualistic manner. The two ex-Pensacolans ran off and I watched him fiddle with his set up mostly because his coat was glimmering and I have the hots for a table covered in electronics. The porch people eventually brought their wayward eyes inside and a petite lioness took the table mic. As the first groove played out of the PA, a sudden rush of deja vu filled the room – here in a town where my feet had never traveled, watching a selection of Pensacola’s finest electronic oddities, and here these two cosmic stars are drowning the room with glamour synthtones and you-best-damn-move disco rhythms; rhythms that I knew but for the life of me could not name.

It took two months to track down the sole person I knew at that house show and figure out that the glamour-duo was Milky Sway & Candy Starlight – now known simply as Lingerie – who were introduced to me through Holy Page Record‘s Halloween compilation tape. They now have their debut album on AMDISCS entitled Mystical Fortresshere the bubblegum is everlasting and the grooves never subside. Stream the album in its entirety over on AMDISCS soundcloud.

Lingerie :: Facebook / Bandcamp

Take the jump to see the VHS-y video for ‘Mystical Fortress’

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The キラキラのポップ [sparkling pop] melodies from distant friend and mental peacekeeper Thomas Minischetti aka Sterile Cuckoo are as lush as they are distorted. It’s as though he is dismantling the nest that once held everything, only to filter its past beauty through the present angst, and in the aftermath all that remain are fluttering pop tones and humbled memories.

Sterile Cuckoo – Stella

Full bloom greets skin with nurtured noise – sharp scenic scents summon seasons toward their routine shifts. Find Sterile Cuckoo’s entire EP メガネ! メガネ! [Glasses! Glasses!] on Bandcamp for free! Obtain an open window or better yet field for optimal mind-soothage.

Sterile Cuckoo :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud

I swear this song is attracting birds to the porch.

fmly fest orlando

May 21, 2012

Orlando is getting all friendly again with the first ever installment of FMLY FEST outside of Los Angeles. Orlando greatness Tiny Waves and worldly do-gooders FMLY are teaming up to bring great vibes and further foster the spirit our community feeds off of.

Confirmed acts:

[Thee Wilt Chamberlain]
[Ghost Fields]
[Alias Punch]
[Hear Hums]
[Michael Parallax]
[Oh Fortuna]
[Truman Peyote]
[Body Cheetah]

JSHIH [DJing all night] & Southern Nights have been added to the lineup! But Alias Punch has dropped : / But The Moon is a Disco Ball is selling sweets!

FMLY FEST Orlando goes down June 15th with a community discussion / hang out at Dandelion Communitea Cafe at 3:00. Followed by a world-renowned FMLYRide to Big Tree Park for some music by FMLY mates Jack Littman & Cameron Rath. The band list starts at 7pm at both Will’s Pub and the neighboring Lil Indies and goes throughout the night. I can’t wait to see you there.

Tiny Waves :: Dot Com / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / 8tracks / FMLY FEST Orlando Event Page